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Kathleen McElwaine
Watercolor Classes on Zoom

~There is only one thing I like as much as painting, and that is teaching someone else to paint.

Kathleen McElwaine teaches watercolor painting on zoom weekly 

How long is class? A minimum of 60 minutes.

How much do the classes cost? You can use a promo code for 1 free class when you sign up for Kathleen's newsletter, or pay $19.97 for each class or become a member for $19.97 a month and attend any Saturday Class and have access to all the Saturday videos.

Do you see pictures before the class starts. Yes, on this page of my website, my home page of my website. I have an image with each upcoming class showing what we will paint. 

What supplies do I need? You can join the zoom class and be an observer or you can paint with me with what ever supplies you have. I teach with a Pentel Brand Water Brush, size Medium, and Small. I use watercolor paper or multi media paper and Daniel Smith watercolor paint. I provide a way for students to have the palette I use after they become a member of the Saturday membership $19.97 per month or the 201 Studio $65.00. 

Supplies I use to teach: 

Art Supplies for Saturday Classes and Monday, 201 Studio Classes - Taught by Kathleen Mcelwaine on Zoom

Watercolor colors - If you have watercolors, use what you have until I introduce you to my 21 color palette of Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints. A

basic palette of colors will work. 

Basic palette - Red Yellow and Blue, Green, Purple and Orange, and Burnt Sienna. I am an Ambassador of Daniel Smith Watercolor paint, so please, if you don't already own paint, attend a class before you buy.

Paper - My favorite paper to use everyday is Fluid100, watercolor paper size 6x8. For learning to sketch with watercolor I recommend a student quality paper (Note if it does not say 100% cotton it is not 100% cotton regardless of the brand) 

My favorite student quality paper is Canson XL, Watercolor paper and Canson XL  Mixed Media. I like both because one is Cold Press and the other is Hot Press. 

My 201 Studio students use the above plus 100% cotton paper  Fabriano Block Hot and Cold Press 9x12 and or 100% cotton Arches Block, 9x12.  Use what you have and wait to talk before you buy.

Brushes - , I like everyone to learn to paint from me with Pentel® Water Brushes size medium small. Many students already know how to paint and they use the brushes they are accustom. My favorite watercolor brushes are Silver Black Velvet, Escoda Ultimo and Pentel® Water Brush Medium size. Watercolor brushes Sizes 6, 8, 10 are good sizes to own. I almost always paint with my water brushes.


In addition to the above please have -  Black Permanent Marker - Ultra Fine Sharpie, or Prismacolor 03, or Micron 03. There are many good black permanent markers that I do not know the name/brand, so use what you have. When I first started finishing my paintings with the black lines, I used the black pen I had in my purse. On occasion I use the 01 but most often it is the 03 or 04.

Paper Towels, graphite pencil soft #2, Dixon Art Supplies for Saturday Classes, don't break the budget!

What people are saying about Kathleen's watercolor classes:

"Thank you for sending the invite.  I wanted to tell you my Granddaughters & I so enjoyed the class Saturday. They loved doing the watercolor bluebonnets.  Their other Grandmother text me to tell me how beautiful she thought their paintings were & how proud she is of them. I encouraged her to do a class with them on a Saturday because it was so special for me.  I so admire how you want to teach & share with others.  Things that give confidence & instill happiness are such a needed thing in our world right now.  The pandemic has been tough for everyone, especially our children. Thank you for the ray of SUNSHINE you bring into the world Kathleen! "-Cindy

"Oh my goodness. What a blessing!  I can’t wait to try the 10 Daniel Smith watercolors in your beginners palette. Also, I have a friend who said she would like to take your classes after seeing my group of water brush paintings. She’s been following my progress weekly. 😊. She signed up on your website to receive the emails about your classes. She’s very excited to join us as well. It’s so nice to share your water brush classes as they are a blessing to us! Loving the class!  Thank you again!" -June

"Thank you for being a great teacher." -Zelda

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed your watercolor classes.  I am an art teacher myself, but it's nice to be able to create too.  I took your workshop at TAEA (Bluebonnets) because my great grandmother was a Texas artist and specialized in Bluebonnet Paintings.  It was a way for me to feel close to her.  I have not been able to attend the Saturday morning sessions, however, I have followed the videos religiously every week in your newsletters.  Wanted to share.  Thank you for sharing your talent and time.  Looking forward to seeing what's next!"  -Anna

The most affordable way to join Kathleen McElwaine, the Water Brush Teacher is with our monthly membership to attend Saturday Watercolor Classes on Zoom, $19.97 per month. After each class the videos are made available to you with the subscription. Sign in with your membership to Kathleens Video Library. To learn more and join, click the button below. Or you might want to paint something in an upcoming class - you are always welcome to purchase a single class $19.95.

                 Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint with watercolor 
                  but didn't have the confidence, artistic knowledge or time?  

Watercolor artist Kathleen McElwaine's tips and tricks will establish the foundation needed to have fun and enjoy the art of watercolor painting! Her vast knowledge comes from many years of schooling, creating, teaching, and sharing artistic experiences. As an ambassador for Daniel Smith's Artists' Paints, color theory is organically woven into her teaching of watercolor art.

If you would like to follow Kathleen and receive information for upcoming events and watercolor classes, please join her newsletter!  Once you have submitted your information, an email will be sent to you usually, within 1 business day,  for a “Saturday’s are FREE!” live watercolor class. This email will also include a link to access Kathleen's ZOOM classroom where you will experience the magic of her gift of teaching and enter a space where questions are always welcome!  Kathleen also includes a simple sketch pattern for each of her original paintings for the lesson she is teaching.  These images can be downloaded and printed to ensure success regardless of your skill level. Therefore...
No drawing skills are required! 

 “Saturday’s are FREE!” classes give Kathleen the opportunity to demonstrate how easy it is to learn how to watercolor.  Her teaching style and step-by-step approach to watercolor painting provides for a relaxed, stress-free environment.


Classes or Products

Most supplies can be found in Kathleen's Etsy Store.
Kathleen's favorite Daniel Smith Palette: 

Suggested supplies when painting with Kathleen:
*A Watercolor Palette

Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Secondary Colors: Green, Purple, Orange. And Burnt Sienna and Indigo.

These are the Daniel Smith Colors I use when students ask for Daniel Smith Watercolor Paint names. 

Primary Colors: Hansa Yellow Light,  Quinacridone Red, Manganese Blue Hue and I add Phthalo Blue Red Shade so to have a light blue and a dark blue. 

Secondary Colors: Carbazole Violet, Phthalo Yellow Green, and I add Serpentine Genuine or Sap Green so to have a spring green plus a basic green and  Permanent Green. And Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Indigo. 

Most multi color palettes include the necessary colors.
      ~Daniel Smith Watercolor Set (Kathleen is an Ambassador for Daniel 
       Smith Artists' Paint)

      ~Prang Watercolor Set   
  ~Most basic watercolor palettes include the basic 8 colors needed

*Pentel Aquash Water Brush
      ~Pentel Aquash Water Brush set of 4 
      ~Watercolor brush, #4, #8, or #10 rounds (with a good point)
         are all good sizes

*Scotch Tape

*#2 Pencil 

*Paper Towels

*Black Ultra Fine Sharpie
     ~any .03 or .04 black permanent marker

*6X8 size Watercolor paper or larger
~140 lb. works best    
     ~Watercolor Paper 100% cotton cold press/140#

*Pattern for class painting 
     ~downloaded & printed 

Suggested additional colors are found in a Wish List from

Link to watch demo video Kathleen painting with John Cogley, owner and CEO Daniel Smith Art Supplies