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Paintings taught on line

201 Studio Watercolor Class Subscription



Monthly Subscription, 201 Studio Watercolor Zoom Classes on Zoom, $120.00. 

When watercolor painting, Kathleen firmly believes an important part of the learning process is consistent practice of good habits!  In addition to access to over 100 prerecorded class videos, this subscription gives you the opportunity to attend live Zoom classes, where you will learn to develop these habits naturally, in a fun and relaxing way!

When you purchase the 201 Studio Subscription, you will gain access to the following:

-Over 100 prerecorded class videos and patterns to view at your leisure (Beginners through Advanced Levels)

-Link to Kathleen's LIVE ZOOM Classroom (where questions are always welcome!)

-Invitation and reminder emails of upcoming LIVE Classes with Kathleen
(includes images and patterns of paintings for class)
Mondays 8:45-11:00am  central time
Tuesdays 9:45-12:00pm  central time
3rd Thursdays 8:45-11:00am  central time
Saturdays are FREE!  8:45-10:00am  central time

-Landscape Learning every 3rd Thursday 8:45 until 11:00 or until the painting is complete 

Colors and art supplies are provided by you, the student. However, 
you can use any brand of watercolor paints and be successful!  As an Ambassador for Daniel Smith Paints, Kathleen recommends the 12 color Daniel Smith's Watercolor Palette. Visit Kathleen's Etsy Store: or Click Here.  After painting with Kathleen for a bit, you may want to purchase these additional Daniel Smith colors- Click Here.