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Week One: 
Students learn how to use the water brush by first creating a color chart and then painting a 6 x 8 inch watercolor painting of the painting shown. 

Week Two: Students learn the importance of not taking each painting too seriously by learning how to playfully paint the bluebonnets. Each brush stroke is just right. Fun class and the class everyone remembers the most.

Week Three: Students learn to lay color on the painting and then pull it out to create a background in an image. Layering, blending and mixing colors on the painting is introduced, easily and successfully with this painting when we paint the flower petals of this yellow flower.

Week Four:
 Layering, blending and mixing colors on the painting is the skill to be practiced over and over again and this Hibiscus is just the flower to reinforce and practice the techniques needed. 

Week Five: Kathleen will demonstrate how to paint the Sea Turtle AN063 first then students will paint. The sea turtle is the most fun of all. Now students are ready for more challenges and are prepared for the Studio Watercolor with Kathleen.