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201 Studio Watercolor Weekly Classes 
Monthly Subscription to Attend Weekly Classes = $120.00 Monthly

Testimonials from Kathleen's Students:

    • I have always wanted to learn to watercolor paint. After taking a How to Paint with a Water Brush Class with Kathleen and seeing my first painting of bluebonnets, I was proud of my accomplishment and have continued learning from Kathleen. Painting has become an important part of my life.
    • I am mom of 3 children, 2 of them with special needs. My husband gave me a watercolor painting class as a gift. After one class with Kathleen I realized I had denied myself painting time for too many years.  
    • Kathleen teaches the basics. Once I heard her say, "the only difference between a beginner watercolor painter and an experienced one is not being afraid to make a decision about what to do next." After the 4th painting I found myself making decisions on my own. 
    • After learning from Kathleen, I love to paint and I can honestly say I have more patience with myself.
    • I have painted professionally for many years. I hit a slump in my career and needed to a fresh look at my painting time. I had heard about Kathleen's class, the one where everyone paints the same bluebonnet. I took the class and loved the way Kathleen taught everyone. She talked about letting yourself play with the colors and to allow creative time. I realized creative time was just what I needed to add back into my studio painting time. I have never had another slump.